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Leawoo City

The City of Leawood is located in the State of Kansas which sits in the middle of the United States of America.  Incorporated in 1948 with 1,000 residents and encompassing approximately 15 square miles of land, it now has a population of over 35,000 people.  The City is about 75% built out as of 2020.

Leawood was founded as a residential community and has beautiful neighborhoods and parks.  It is also known as one of the safest suburbs in the metro region and boasts nationally ranked public school systems.  Today, Leawood is fortunate to have a diversified tax base with the addition of numerous commercial and retail enterprises over the years.


The average age of a person living in Leawood is 46 years old, and the median household income is approximately $150,000.  The economy is robust with the most prevalent employment sectors being Professional, Scientific, Management and Administration.  The majority of residents are in Management occupations.  Leawood is privileged to be part of Johnson County, Kansas, which also enjoys a leading local economy and is one of the premier business locations in the nation.  Being in the central time zone, Leawood businesses have more hours each day to conduct commerce on either coast and in between.

Residential housing is another important facet contributing to Leawood’s fine quality of life.  The average price of a home in 2020 was $586,000 with over 90% of our residents living in owner-occupied homes.  The remaining individuals typically live in multi-family apartments where the average monthly cost is about $1,600.

The State of Kansas is classified as having a temperate or continental climate, with average yearly temperatures ranging between 31 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 81 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.  Situated in the eastern part of the State, Leawood shares this same climate.

Being located along the Kansas-Missouri State Line, Leawood borders Kansas City, Missouri.  This provides it a link to the larger big-city amenities.  Leawood enjoys access to professional sports with baseball, football and soccer teams as well as major arts organizations including a ballet company, lyric opera and symphony orchestra.  Leawood residents are fortunate whether they are sports enthusiasts or arts lovers.

Leawood is governed by a Mayor/Council form of government whose members are elected for four-year staggered terms.  Leawood has a professional City Administrator and approximately 300 staff.  In addition, Leawood is privileged to have about 300 citizen volunteers who serve in a wide variety of roles dedicated to assisting our City to “Grow with Distinction,” which is Leawood’s motto.

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