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The goals of YSCC

1. Organizing and hosting intercultural communication events between Yilan City and its sister cities.

2. Promoting the sister city partnership between Yilan City and foreign cities worldwide.

3. Maintaining the interaction between Yilan City and its sister cities.

4. Holding member gatherings.


About membership

Requirements: Nationals who are over 20 years old and identify with YSCC’s goals can apply for membership.

Approval: Membership is approved by YSCC council.

Duty: Members have duties to (1) follow the by-laws and resolutions and (2) pay the membership dues.

Rights: Members enjoys the right to vote, the right to be candidates, suffrage, and the right of recall.

Delisting: Members will be delisted by the council if (1) members violate regulations, by-laws or resolutions (2) late payment of membership dues.

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